I create art that comes from personal introspection of emotion and place.  My goal as an artist is to convey a message that humanity and nature are uniquely fragile and beautiful... I hope that perhaps we can harness the power to be at our best when we come to the realization that we are truly interconnected.  Art has a powerful opportunity to bring us to recognize this very thing.  

Each of my images that I create becomes an exploration of the individual spirit and often includes the interplay of our natural surroundings.  I use a variety of mediums; photography, painting, encaustic. Regardless of the materials used, my work has a common thread throughout, that is, simple beauty can be found in the least expected places, both within oneself and within the spaces and places that we exist and strive to coexist. 



I remember as a child my mother's beautiful work she had created as a painter and always felt whole whenever I had the chance to create.  As with so many other creatives, when life got busy with a family and a completely different career path my creative aspirations were set aside. It was when I began my journey on a road of self discovery a few years ago that it became clear to me that painting was calling me to pick up the brushes again.  When I paint I feel as if I have found a long lost friend, intuitively and with emotion.  

My paintings often tell a story.  It is my hope that as you look at my creation you will hear the words whispering to you... whispering a story of life, love, loss, renewal, hope and acceptance.   

If you are interested in commissioned work please contact me through the "Contact" tab.  



By using a mixture of melted beeswax and damar resin as a medium I am able to build multiple layers of texture, color, and mystery upon an original painting or photograph.  This leads to a piece of work that encapsulates that image in what I like to call, a dream like state.




Photography provides an amazing artistic opportunity for both the subject and I.  When capturing images with a camera I look for subtle emotion, the play of natural light and shapes and colors.  Spending time with the subject I am photographing, whether that is a person, a family, the field of flowers or a walk through the woods, is an experience I highly value. I am always amazed and humbled by the opportunity to be part of that particular moment in time.  

I offer my photography services for those who are looking for creative portraits.  Click on my photography tab to see a sampling of my work.  If you are interested in having your own creative portraits please contact me through the contact tab.   

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