live life, love your people, don't wait

I have to admit, that I am re-posting something I wrote a few days ago... I made the decision to use it as my first blog post because this event moved me, it spoke to me, it left an indelible mark. A tragedy that called out to many of us... a reminder that life here on earth is limited and we miss out - and those we love miss out, - if we wait to live, to love, to cherish, to create.  Don't hesitate in your hugs, don't wait to say "I love you" or "I'm sorry" or "I forgive".  

Written in the wee hours of April 2, 2016.

My mind is traveling to all sorts of past and long ago places after attending an amazing memorial celebration of life for Christian Sheehan and reconnecting with beautiful people I call friends - the kind of friends that love unconditionally, who allow their heart to break because another's is breaking, the kind of friends that say I'm there for you - never hesitate to call - the kind of friends that stand beside a grieving mother and weep as her heart breaks and it seems as if all the mothers hearts meld with hers - perhaps to protect hers from complete shatter. These people - they are beautiful. And these people, they are the parents of some of the most amazing kids I have had the privilege to watch grow into adulthood. I'm, we're, so blessed to be able to feel a part of this special tribe. An entire group of people that love unselfishly.

I heard and saw something incredibly beautiful this evening - life... I saw people at their best... And I'm encouraged, inspired and reminded that life is more than simply an exercise we get to experience -life is for living and that means feeling emotion, seeing the absolute beauty in every circumstance, and acknowledging our time here is limited but more importantly it is to be shared. Tonight reminded me of the importance of sending a hello - offering a hand or making amends. It means smiling with your eyes and hugging with your heart. I was reminded that Life is a gift - every day is a gift. And tonight I thank the Sheehan family and the life of Christian that so graciously reminded us of how important our people - our tribe - is to each other.

My heart is broken and yet filled with love. The loss is enormous and yet we can recognize that within loss and grief there is the power to heal, to love, and to always remember the importance of family and community - of our tribe. God gives us grace and mercy - and He gave us one another - and for that I am humbly grateful.

Hug your people. Tell them how awesome they are. Be there. Love them. Make time. And then Love em a little more.