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A little about me.

Hi there!

I am an artist who found her way back to her true creative self after a few years of scary cancer surgeries, empty nesting, and wondering who in the world she was actually suppose to be in this great big beautiful universe.

As a child, teen and young adult, I would make and create, paint and draw, imagine and write, every single day; it came completely natural to me. However, I set it all aside when life shifted, twisted and turned and before I knew it I was raising 5 children with a wonderful man, had a respectable career in nursing and community health and my days were full. I never completely shelved my creative urges, I sewed, crocheted. designed our living spaces, and turned trash into treasures before it was even a trend. I surrounded myself with color and books and pretty things like flower gardens, good food, and children.

It was in 2017 after finally accepting that my artist heart was calling me back, back to paint, to draw, to capture images with a camera that I jumped in with both feet and called myself an artist and accepted the fact that it was now or never. And so I gathered artist’s supplies and declared half of my living room as my studio. At first my intention was to heal the parts that had become bruised and broken over the previous few years and before long I felt as if I had found my way back to the person I knew as child, teen, and young adult. Paint, color, lines, shapes, textures, and words all fill my day and lend their beauty to my soul in a way that is difficult to describe.

So here, in 2019 I continue on both a personal and artistic journey, exploring while expecting good and pretty things. I am glad you have found your way here.

~ dana

Images by Dana Overman Studio.

Artist and Creator - Dana Overman